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We are ready for you with all of our privileges that give us quality, trust, innovation and self-confidence.


Are the touches of light that will bring a house together with all the other details. Watch the brightness meet with aesthetics.

We have never postponed innovation because we know that people always deserve the newest and the best.


Alkosan is a pioneer in the field with its products, services and it is an unique organization. Alkosan as a creater of many successful projects in many countries is a national brand of Turkey.

Alkosan is glad to serve you and it will always serve you with its technically and aesthetically pleasing infrastructure and decades of experience.

Alkosan evaluates the window as an art and brings it together with the sun gliding into your home.

Alkosan is an organization that combines wood, aesthetics and technology. As a result of this combination, the happiness that we offer you through your window is our reward.


Wood - Aluminum Window


In the system, aluminum and wood are not combined in the form of installation from the upper side or lower side, but in the form of snap – on composite. By this way, it is not produced only for visual purposes, and the functional objectives of both the aluminum and the wood are kept in the foreground.


Today, the windows are sold on part prices at first glance. Additional costs, maintenance of surfaces, the durability of the material is ignored. Window specialists calculates the costs only on production costs…


With 52 years of experience and justified pride of success, it is on its way with confident steps. By establishing the ALCOWIN brand within the body of ALKOSAN in 2003, the company improved its customer portfolio in overseas sales and continued its investments.