The journey of our firm started with wooden joinery production in a humble workshop established by Mustafa KOÇYİĞİT in 1968. Koçyiğit, who continuously produced new ideas and did not hesitate to put them into application in the works awarded to him, managed to become a favored master in his sector within a short period.

In 1978, an Armenian businessman, who wanted to renew the joinery of the house he was living in then in Büyükada, was looking for a product that could resist the island conditions and for a master who could provide such product. The businessman, who contacted with Koçyiğit, the products of whom were becoming known in the sector, wanted a joinery, which would resist salty and abrasive winds, which would not require continuous maintenance, which could provide a superior isolation and which would provide an aesthetic appearance. Koçyiğit made trials in his workshop upon this request for almost one year and decided that it would be appropriate to use aluminum and wooden materials together and produced the first aluminum – wooden composite joinery of the world. With this invention, which gave a direction to the joinery technology, Aluminum Composite Industry ALKOSAN was born.

The new system produced by Koçyiğit allowed an aesthetic and healthy environment inside thanks to wood. This perfect system, which consisted of the combination of aluminum and wood, provided heat isolation, resistance, aesthetics and sound isolation with an efficiency that could not be obtained until that time. Koçyiğit heated the outside of the profile and held the inside of it with his bare hand to explain the high isolation of the material, resulting in a big audience astonishment.

In 1984, Koçyiğit, who wanted to introduce the product to the world, was being invited by the leading universities of the country, promoting the product by attending to organizations and was sending catalogs. In that period, the joinery technology of ALKOSAN was being taken as reference and was being produced by leading many firms in the world.

ALKOSAN, which continued the development of aluminum wood composite joinery system, opened to foreign countries in 1994. The invention of a Turkish inventor, who never lost his enthusiasm and who never gave up trying new things, can be seen in many historical and institutional buildings today from Libya Presidency Palace to the American Embassy and R.T. Prime Ministry building. The journey of ALKOSAN, which has its signature under many mega projects in 18 countries, that started in that small workshop in 1968 with the inventor spirit of Mr. Koçyiğit is continuing as a world trademark today. We respectfully remember our company founder Mr. Koçyiğit.